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Services and Fees

Introductory Package

$159 for three private sessions

Private Sessions

$70 - one session
$315 - package of five sessions
$600 - package of ten sessons

Duo Sessions

$100 - one session
$450 - package of five sessions
$850 - package of ten sessons

(* These are cash or check prices. Add a processing fee of $2.00/session for debit or credit card use.)


  • "Instead of living my life to be in better shape, Jill taught me to be in better shape to live my life. " —Jay Tevis, Pilates client

  • "Ms. Tompkins visited the Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology classes at Keiser University. " READ MORE —William Snowden, Keiser University

  • "I have scoliosis and have battled with my posture and muscle imbalances since my teenage years." READ MORE —Kristen White, Physical Therapist

  • "Jill came to me as an enlightened and thinking Pilates instructor...From the beginning she was an eager student..." READ MORE —Matthew Comer, Stott Pilates® Instructor Trainer

  • "I met Jill Tompkins after my second back surgery for a herniated disc, recurrent at the same level." READ MORE —Cynthia Paciulli, MD, Dept of Surgery

  • "Over the years, I've sought help from doctors, chiropractors and trainers for my chronic back pain." READ MORE —Aleida Morse, Pilates client




Phone/Text: (813) 484-3143

Located in South Tampa

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What Is Pilates?

"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a new body." Joseph Pilates

Pilates was invented by Joesph Pilates (1883-1967), a native of Germany. His Greek father was a famous gymnast and his German mother studied naturopathic healing. Joseph developed exercises based on a union of the body, mind and spirit. These exercises were based on resistance training and correct alignment of the whole skeleton. Many of his clients, first in Europe and then in America, were members of ballet troupes who wanted to increase their strength and flexibility as well as improve their balance. His exercises formed the basis for correct functional movement, injury prevention, and sports enhancement that is emphasized in contemporary pilates today.
In America, pilates quickly became popular firstly with the ballet world, and expanded later into professional sports training including basketball, football, baseball, golf, etc. This greatly increased the popularity of this kind of exercise. Enthusiasts enjoy the long, streamlined flexible look of the pilates body.
Stott Pilates® is based on the original training and exercise techniques created by Joseph Pilates. Moira Stott® and her team of sport trainers, therapists and doctors have spent over two decades improving the original pilates exercises to embrace the current understanding of sports medicine and rehabilitation. They developed techniques and equipment for clients to safely and effectively improve their skeletal alignment while improving their overall body strength, flexibility, and well being.

About Us

Jill Tompkins

Jill Tompkins is the owner and head trainer at Bayshore Pilates. She was first exposed to Pilates at a class in a World Gym where she was a spin bicycle instructor. It offered her a ray of hope from chronic suffering due to extensive neck and back injuries incurred from years of violin practice and professional orchestral playing. At the age of 35 an orthopedic surgeon told Jill that she should probably discontinue her career as a violinist and as an amateur cyclist. After years of constant pain and sleepless nights, physical therapy offered no positive results. She received her first pain relief and full night’s sleep after taking just two Pilates classes. Needless to say, she was very motivated to pursue this Pilates journey. Jill had also been diagnosed with an S-type scoliosis. She was told that it was probably structural and would not improve over time. However, with the help of Pilates training her spinal deviations were tremendously improved after just six months of training on Pilates equipment.
Her Pilates sessions were so beneficial that Jill became very interested in not only taking Pilates classes but also in becoming a Pilates trainer. In 2003 Jill obtained her certificate to teach Physical Mind Pilates for both mat and studio equipment. She taught for a short time at the certifying studio before opening her first Pilates studio, The Pilates Centre of New Tampa, where she worked in conjunction with a physical therapist at TLC Rehabilitation. She learned much from this experience and enjoyed sharing and receiving knowledge from the therapist. During this time, she began extensive training in Stott Pilates® in South Beach, Florida. After 2½ years she tested and received one of the highest scores given for Stott Pilates® certification in 2006.
In 2007 Jill moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she soon opened a new Pilates studio called Spinlates. Spinlates was a complete Stott Pilates® studio along with an indoor cycling studio. She continued taking Pilates workshops in nearby Massachusetts to expand here Pilates training expertise. In 2012, Jill returned to Tampa, and taught initially in various studios in the area. She then transitioned to doing private sessions in her home. In June 2016 an opportunity arose for her to rent a store front and turn it into a Pilates studio. After a month of renovation, she opened Bayshore Pilates in August 2016 on the corner of Bayshore and Interbay Blvds in South Tampa. Her commitment to understanding body movement and rehabilitation has remained her strong focus. She brings precision of movement and correct biomechanics to her training approach, which has helped many clients suffering from acute injuries. She enjoys teaching clients of all levels of Pilates training, from the beginner to the advanced athlete.


If you are totally out of shape then you are at a very good place to begin!

I recommend purchasing our introductory package of three sessions. These sessions will give you the time to receive a thorough postural analysis and experience the five basic principles of Stott Pilates® movement, as well as give you an introduction to each of the major pieces of Pilates equipment. After the end of these three sessions I will be thoroughly acquainted with your body’s strengths and limitations, and your personal goals, allowing us to recommend an action plan for you. For a session, wear clothing that is comfortable and allows freedom of movement. (See the pictures in the Gallery on this website.) I will be watching your movement carefully, so the more “body-aware” your clothing is the better.
One time per week is good, two times per week is very good, and three times per week is excellent. An increase in frequency allows you to see results more quickly. I also can give you homework exercises if you are eager to see quicker results.
Any age from teenagers to senior adults, even those bound in wheel chairs, can benefit from Pilates. There is an exercise plan that will fit you based on your individual fitness needs.
We will first concentrate on the techniques you use in your sport. Then we will develop a Pilates exercise program that will focus on stabilizing any weaknesses you have experienced, rehabilitating any injuries, balancing any one-sided movements, and enhancing your athletic abilities. Serious athletes have avoided many sport injuries and related surgeries as a result of Stott Pilates®.
The answer is definitely, yes. We are trained to know which movements are contraindicated and which movements will stabilize, bring relief from pain and build bone density. A clearance from your doctor will be necessary before we can begin training you.
Yes, but we will seek to communicate with the members of your physical therapy team and respect their recommendations. Stott Pilates® is a wonderful way to supplement your physical therapy to see positive results sooner. A clearance from your doctor will be necessary before we can begin training you.
There are many causes for chronic back pain, but we are trained to work with many of these dysfunctions. The success stories are plentiful, and we are always in awe of how quickly the body can be brought to a physical state of no pain or greatly reduced pain through Stott Pilates®. It is one of the things that makes our job so rewarding!
Pilates and Yoga are two forms of mind and body exercises. One major difference is that the goal of Pilates is to achieve postural symmetry by developing muscles that are balanced in length, strength, and flexibility. This is reflected in an ideal posture. A second major difference is in range of movement. Pilates encourages flexibility within what is determined by sports science to be healthy and safe. In contrast, some forms of Yoga encourage range of movement beyond those prescribed limits, which may contribute to the overstretching of ligaments and tendons. Such activity could create unstable joints and possible injury. A third major difference is the stabilization of the inner core muscles. These are the deepest abdominal muscles (the transversus abdominus), the muscles of the pelvic floor, and the deepest spinal stabilizers, called the multifidus. For this reason, Pilates never encourages a “belly-breathing”. Instead, it emphasizes breathing into your posterior (back) and your lateral ( side) ribcage. This way you can keep the transversus abdominus muscles firing throughout all of your movement, thus ensuring a healthy lower back. A fourth major difference is Pilates has specialized equipment and a large repertoire of exercises that allow you to add resistance challenges and modify exercises, as needed, to fit your individual needs.
Mat Pilates exercises are very effective in using your body’s own weight as the resistance, and we incorporate mat exercises as part of your session. However, equipment Pilates offers spring-loaded resistance that can aid you in doing the exercise or increase the challenges for you. There is also a much larger repertoire of equipment exercises compared to mat exercises, which means never having a boring workout! I was a Pilates mat instructor before experiencing the Pilates equipment exercises. I totally fell in love the equipment exercises and can’t imagine not having them. They give many more options and methods for feeling the muscle movement and seeing results.